King tides affects villagers in Lese Kavora, Gulf Province

Wednesday, 20 March 2024, 9:20 am

Houses in Lese Kavora village, Gulf Province (Supplied: Shirley Anne Lei)

King tides have inundated Gulf Provinces coastal village of Lese Kavora causing extensive damage to food gardens and contaminating fresh water sources.

Hundreds of households have been severely affected by the natural disaster a week ago and are in need of support.

Responding to the emergency call, the people of Lese Kavora residing in Port Moresby met at the weekend and agreed to contribute funds to purchase relief supplies.

They also discussed options of relocating the village as this is not the first time the village has been pooled under king tides due to climate change, causing the rise in sea level.

The impacts of climate change continue to affect many coastal villages in Papua New Guinea with Lese Kavora within the Moripi tribal lands being one.

Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta who also attended the meeting has directed the Gulf provincial government. to act swiftly to aid Lese Kavora and other villages along the coastlines of Gulf.