Better roads on the horizon after 20 years

Saturday, 22 June 2024, 4:10 pm

Jimi MP Wake Goi (in blue shirt) presented the key of the excavator to Tsenga Community leader Justin Kopini for the road upgrade work on the Tsenga to Mala road. (NBC: Vanessa Ripa)

Twenty-Years wait for a better road looks certain in the horizon for the 16, 000 people of Tsenga.

Four council wards make up, Tsenga in the Middle Jimi LLG of Jimi District of Jiwaka Province, .

The road will connect through Mala in the Dei District of Western Highlands.

Jimi MP Wake Goi presented an excavator and a dump truck towards the roadwork from Mala to Tsenga, for road work to start on fixing the road. 

On behalf of the people of Tsenga, community leader Justin Kopini thanked their local member of parliament for trying to improve their livelihood.  

Mr. Kopini said for 20 years these people have been struggling to transport their produce like garden foods and coffee to the markets given the road condition however this will be a thing of the past now as work will start immediately on this road that borders two provinces.

He stressed that along this stretch of the rundown road, houses three primary schools, six elementary schools and five community aid posts.