Vula’a Elementary School gets over K200, 000 facelift

Saturday, 22 June 2024, 2:33 pm

One of the oldest companies operating in-country has partnered with German’s Embassy in Australia to fund the refurbishment of two double classrooms in rural, Central Province.

Vula'a Elementary School is situated in Hula, Rigo District was beneficiary of the project worth K215,000 which covers installation of essential classroom kits, was official opened on Friday.

The Steamships Managing Director, Rupert Bray said the funding was made available from the Swire Philanthropic Fund is managed by Steamships.

Mr Bray said, "by investing in education, we invest in the potential of future generations. Education forms the foundation upon which prosperous Vula'a Elementary School gets over K200,000 facelift.

"It empowers individuals, transforms communities, and paves the way for a brighter future and our investment is a great contribution to the human resource development of PNG.

"This project symbolizes more than a building. It embodies our collective belief in the transformative power of education and we encourage everyone to take ownership of this facility.

Bray also thanked the Federal Republic of Germany for sharing the same vision.

The representative of the Vula'a community expressed satisfaction that the redevelopment of the project gives not just face-lift to the school but instills a sense of pride and enthusiasm among the students, teachers and community members.