Council says Pangu Pati will be made an institution

Monday, 12 February 2024, 3:41 pm

Prime Minister James Marape, Rachel Marape and Pangu Pati Secretary General Morris Tovebae at a rally in Tari, Hela Province. 2022 [Supplied: Pangu Pati Inc]

PANGU Party’s 27th Convention held in Port Moresby over the weekend has created a platform for better discussions between the parliamentary and non-parliamentary under the theme ‘Structuring for Growth’.

In a media conference at Port Moresby's Hilton Hotel on Sunday, the Party’s General Secretary Morris Tovebae said Pangu has stood firm across PNG and contributed tremendously to nation building for over 56 years after its establishment in 1967.

“THE convention enables us to speak the same language. This is a constitutional requirement; every political party must comply.

“We are charting the new pathway to fully institutionalize Pangu Pati because since 1967 to date we have learned our rise and fall, our weakness and our strength and as a democratic institution, we want to leave a legacy behind.

“Pangu Party must live beyond our time so that is what exactly what we are doing now. We are not here for the next election, we are here for the next generation, so Pangu Pati is here to stay,’Tovebae said.

Party Leader and Prime Minister, James Marape also reiterated that Pangu is the oldest political party in PNG and has held all levels of government throughout its history.

“Public Service Machinery we have now is a Pangu Pati concept, the court house, the constitution, and everything we have since 1975 are all the concept of Pangu Pati,” Marape said.

Mr Marape added that Pangu remains focused to embrace the spirit of nationalism, hence, continue to advocate for the interests and sovereignty of PNG and emphasized the importance of preserving the nation’s identity, culture, and resources.

There is also a keen focus on promoting economic growth, infrastructure development, and social progress and continuity to improve the living standards of the people, education, healthcare, and overall well-being for citizens.