James Marape confident, Pangu will remain in Government

Sunday, 11 February 2024, 6:31 pm

Pangu Pati photo shoot during the 27th National Convention at Hilton Hotel, Port Moresby

Prime Minister James Marape is confident that Pangu Pati will remain in Government after confirming a total membership of 54 this afternoon during the Party's 27th National Convention at the Hilton Hotel.

The ruling Pangu party is not shaken by the possibility of a vote of no confidence after declaring a solid membership with the inclusion of two additional Members of Parliament joining from PNG National Party and United Labour Party.

He welcomed the two first term MPs, Raphael Tonpi for Mendi Open who resigned from United Labor Party and Karamui-Salt Nomane MP Francis Yori Alua who resigned from PNG National Party and joined Pangu Pati bringing the total to 54 MPs.

Prime Minister Marape says Pangu has contributed immensely to nation building and will continue to deliver going forward.

"Even with or without me, Pangu is here to stay. We don't care after upcoming Vote of No Confidence, we care about future of our children and progress of this nation, and we stand committed to serve," Marape said.

Marape informed the county that this Convention is important for the party as they discussed on important agendas for the party going forward but, he assured that Pangu remains intact and Confident in the upcoming VONC.

"We only need two more members to pass the absolute majority in upcoming VONC. Who knows we have high and low tides and more will be joining us," Marape said.

Meanwhile Leader of Pangu Highlands and Governor of Southern Highlands Hon. William Powi welcomed the two MPs into the Pangu Network nationwide.

He said with the inclusive of two MPs brings the total of Highlands Pangu MPs up to 21. 

"We want stability and continuity and your coming to Pangu gives hope and confidence to PNG," Powi said.

Meanwhile the first term MPs said that their decision is purely for the best interest of the people who mandated them.

Karamui-Salt Nomane MP Yori Alua said, "I made my decision at my own initiative to join the party. I thought it was in the best interest of my people who gave me the mandate...as the first term MP I feel it's important to be in the government".