Central province will not tolerate illegal settlers following massive eviction in Bush Wara

Wednesday, 10 July 2024, 5:40 pm

Illegal settlers at Bush Wara in Port Moresby pleading for help to accommodate them (NBC News: Esther Bralyn-Wani)

Central Province Governor Rufina Peter has sent a firm warning to illegal squatters planning to settle in the province that this will not be tolerated by her provincial government.

This is in light of the current eviction of illegal settlers from the Bush Wara area in Port Moresby's Northwest.

Despite the complexities and challenges faced by those who have been displaced, the Governor has made it clear that the province won’t accommodate those who trespass without proper authorization.

“The Central Provincial Government has a strict policy against illegal settlements on our land,” she said in a statement today.

“Our commitment to maintaining the integrity and sustainability of our province remains unwavering.

“Any individuals or groups considering moving into Central Province land without proper authorization and legal documentation will face immediate and decisive action.”

Ms Peter said the provincial government is firmly working with law enforcement agencies to monitor and prevent any unauthorized settlements.

She said patrols and surveillance in key areas will be increased to ensure compliance with land use policies.

“Any illegal activities will be met with the full force of the law,” she added.

“We encourage all individuals to seek legal avenues for settlement and development.”

Whilst voicing her strong message on illegal settlement, she said the Central Provincial Government [CPG] is open to assisting those who follow the proper procedures and contribute positively to communities.

“We are committed to fostering sustainable development and ensuring that all residents have access to necessary services and opportunities.

“To those who have been evicted from Bush Wara, we empathize with your situation and urge you to seek appropriate and lawful means of resettlement.

“Moving illegally into Central Province land is not a viable solution and will not be tolerated.” Ms Peter said.