Belden Namah in Opposition for too long: Prime Minister Marape

Wednesday, 10 July 2024, 1:50 pm

(NBC News: Charles Yapumi)

A notable new face in the Marape - Rosso Cabinet line-up will be the Open member for Vanimo - Green, Belden Namah.

The country's former Deputy Prime Minister and Opposition Leader moved to the Parliament middle bench after the 2022 National Elections, following over 10 years, taking the executive government to account from the Opposition bench.

The last time the open MP from West Sepik Province was sitting in the government bench was in 2012.

Prime Minister James Marape after the swearing in of the five-new-ministers in Port Moresby on Tuesday made a special mention of the new Minister for Tourism, Art and Culture and Border Security, "Belden Namah, we came into politics in 2007. In a special way we'll make mention of him, in welcoming him to government.

" [Namah] being in Opposition for so long," the prime minister said.

When the 10th National Parliament rose for the 2022 National Elections. Mr Namah made a campaign bid for re-election to be in government if returned to Parliament by the people of Vanimo - Green Electorate.

Standing true to his election promise, Belden Namah become a middle bencher in the 11th National Parliament before taking oath to office as a state minister.

The other four MPs also sworn-in at Government House as state ministers were Thomas Opa [Energy & caretaker Petroleum], Kinoka Feo [Higher Education], Mikki Kaeok [Finance], Dr Kobby Bomarea [reappointed to Housing].

Prime Minister Marape said the appointment is to maintain stability, "government caucus have been very supportive in the process to assess where we are picking from, considering merits, considering regional balance and considering the ability to have a stable government."